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Changes to the NPRS

A place to find out whats new with the National Pouched Rat Society

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Changes to the NPRS

Post by Ratchet » 02 Apr 2010 16:04

As you all know, the NPRS was established as a friendly society for people to come together and congregate around the topic of Pouched Rats; the society has been growing be it slowly and we are attending open days in April this year promoting what we do and are organising our main event for later in the year which is all very exciting.

As you know some of the things we do include run a registry of Pouched rats and lineage within the UK and Europe, we have a recognised breeder registry and are currently establishing an NPRS foster network. The foster network was established because of the increasing growth of unwanted pouched rats appearing across the country; unfortunatley this rise is beacuse people dont do their reseach and dont know what they are taking on along with breeders supplying untame animals and not vetting potential owners correctly in the hope of turning a quick profit. Our aim is to educate people and make them aware that these animals are not domesticated like their fancy rat friends so to reduce and eliminate this happening in the future.

We realise that the foster network will take a while to establish across all parts of the UK and will require co-ordination from the main hub which is the NPRS; foster homes will need correctly vetting and we will need to get assistance from rescue organistaions to make this possible.

It is for this reason we will be establishing a main NPRS Rescue and Adoption centre in the near future which will be run soley by voulteers and funded by money from the society being that funds raised from events or memberships and will be a non-profit venture. The centre will be a dedicated facility and will be able to offer unwanted Pouched Rats and Fancy Rats a lifeline and possible rehome in the future with the right family if possible. As the society does not yet have an income greater than £5000 per annum we will be unable to apply for a charitable status or registered application however the society will continue to be operated on this basis as it has done to date. We will continue to offer free membership and have an optional contribution membership also as we do now for those who would like to contribute more to the society.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this and thank you for your continuing support, we will be making the relevant changes to the main website shortly.

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